At DAL Vacuum, we mainly concentrate on doing things the way it should be, this is a priority to us, and it affects every phase of our production. From purchasing of raw materials through the delivery of our finished products, we continually evaluate the environmental impact of our actions, adopting processes that minimize energy consumption, emissions and waste.

Our manufacturing facility is audited periodically by our customers such as foodstuff packaging and producing companies and we typically score first-rated marks across all categories tested. Those audits help us to respond to our customers hygiene and quality demands and maintain their trust in DAL Vacuum.


We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architec construction company. We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction. Vivamus elementum laoreet lorem. Maecenas er felis sed mollis semper lobortis vitae phasellus commodo .

We are aware of the environmental responsibility we have at each stage of our production line. And our processes are evaluated and monitored on regular basis in order to minimize environmental impact from our ongoing operations. We proudly confirm that as DAL Vacuum, we have %0 chemical waste.

After thermoforming and cutting process all plastic sheet remainders and faulty manufacturing flaws are collected in our plastic cutting workshops and broken into tiny pieces to be sent to recycling or involved into our next production process. All of our products are also suitable for recycling.
DAL Vacuum has been committed to provide customers with high quality plastic packaging solutions, in addition to maintaining an appreciative and responsible attitude toward the environment. All plastic packaging products manufactured by DAL Vacuum achieve to preserve foodstuff better and can extend the storing period of products which means far less foodstuffs are thrown away.